Leeds and Broomfield are neighbouring villages on the edge of Maidstone, the county
town of Kent in England (not to be confused with the city of Leeds in Yorkshire!).

The Friends of Leeds and Broomfield Churches (Registered Charity No:1080363) was founded to raise money to preserve the historic churches of these two villages and to prevent them from falling into disrepair.

photograph of St Nicholas parish church, Leeds, Kent

(above, St Nicholas, Leeds; below St Margaret's, Broomfield)

photograph of St Margaret's parish church, Broomfield
Our website provides information about the Friends and Membership, about the churches
we support and also about our local area.


The 2018 Annual General Meeting was held on Wednesday 17 October 2018. See the 2018 Newsletter and Annual Reports.

See a video of Broomfield Church bells being rung.