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The Friends of Leeds and Broomfield Churches (Registered Charity No:1080363) was founded in 1999 by a group of people who were anxious that their local churches, as integral architectural features of their villages, should be preserved from dilapidation and decay.

The Friends are not affiliated with the Church, the association's members represent a variety of religious persuasions or even none at all.

photograph of St Margaret's parish church, Broomfield, Kent     photograph of St Nicholas parish church, Leeds, Kent  
Left: St Margaret's, Broomfield
    Right: St Nicolas, Leeds;  

Broomfield and Leeds are villages of much interest but with only small populations. From their small numbers come even smaller congregations for their churches; far too few to pay for the substantial cost of their upkeep. Yet the church is the architectural centrepiece of an English village, one that must be preserved.

This is the purpose of The Friends of Leeds and Broomfield Churches. There are currently about 130 Friends, and although each pays an annual subscription this forms but a small contribution toward the amount needed.

A series of fund-raising events is therefore held and these have included Safari Suppers held in various houses around the villages, Barn Dances, Garden Parties (with a contest for the best-made scarecrow), Auctions and even formal dinners held at Leeds Castle with entertainment by the Cameo Opera Singers. Overall more than £55,000 have been raised since the Friends started in 1999.

If you would like more information about joining the Friends (membership is £12 per year and you don't have to live in the villages to be a member!) or if you would like information on how to make a donation towards our work, please follow this link.

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